Welcome to the brand new Bit of Fun.co.uk

Posted December 3, 2013

The old Bit of Fun website, despite offering the best selection of lifesize cardboard cutouts and party masks on the web, was beginning to look a little dated and we decided that it needed a refresh.

So… a little pixel remodelling and a lick of virtual paint later, we’re excited to introduce the all-new Bit of Fun.co.uk! So what’s new?


This Bit of Fun blog

We’ve added this blog to let you know about news and new products that are coming in, as well as to share party ideas and other Bits of Fun (see what we did there?) that we like from across the web.


Even more cardboard cutouts

The new-look website boasts an even bigger selection of lifesize cardboard cutouts of stars from the movies, television, cartoons, sport and more. From the King of rock’n’roll to Princess Leia, and from Simon Cowell to Superman; we’ve almost certainly got the cutout you’re looking for.


Easier custom cutout ordering

Of course we still offer our range of custom cardboard cutouts too. But now we’ve made ordering a custom cutout even easier with the ability to upload your image in an instant. We’ve also added a handy FAQs page and artwork submission guide to help you make sure that the images for your cutout are the best they can be.

What’s more, to celebrate the launch of the new Bit of Fun.co.uk, we are running a Christmas cutout promotion, just click to find out more.


We hope you like the new website and look forward to hearing from you soon!